Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Littlest Jedi

Kevin and I met because I wore my Darth Vader costume to high school on random days for the fun of it. He is a detail freak and couldn't resist picking on the accuracy of my costume. We had a light saber duel on our first date. So it just figures that eventually Mikro would join in the fun...

For the curious, this is me & Kevin at the NYC premiere of Return of the Jedi:

Kevin gets to see Revenge of the Sith tomorrow, on premiere day in NYC. I'm not sure when the realities of baby wrangling will permit me to see it, but I can't wait!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mikro at almost 25 months

Mikro is sacked out on the couch, snoring. Given half a chance, I could be, too. We had a late night. Kevin had to run to his mother's to help her out with something and did not get home till after 11pm. (He's heading there again tonight, sigh.) Boy was still up and got his second wind from seeing Daddy. I think he finally let us sleep around 1 a.m.

Then he got up an hour early this morning. Argh. I tried to go back to sleep, but he climbed up on me and stuck his face in mine and kept saying "Hi!" till I gave up and opened my eyes.

We spent the afternoon in the backyard. Today's new discoveries were:

  • Drawing in the dirt with sticks (he's definitely a lefty, and unlike my Dad and Kevin's parents, we are not going to make him switch!);
  • Collecting stones in a pile, then moving them one by one to another pile;
  • Sending a car down the slide, complete with countdown. He yells "Twee, Q, Dun, Go!" and releases the car, then "Yay!" as it flies through the air.
  • It doesn't work well when you put the car in the swing. It just falls out;
  • Pushing the swing is fun, but getting hit by it is not.

My son is completely and utterly obsessed with cars and car company insignia. He now refuses to go to bed without one of his many vehicular objects. Last night it was a large Dale Earnhardt Sr. NASCAR shaped pillow, which at least didn't stab me painfully in the back when I rolled over on it in the night. Usually it is a hard plastic wonder, or a metal pencil case tin of the same Earnhardt car...

New words:

  • Chevrolet ("shookoo")(when pointing at the Chevy insignia of the beloved Earnhardt car)
  • Dodge
  • Ford ("faw")
  • Box
  • Ice Tea
  • Diaper ("dydah"). It's great- he tells me when he needs changed! Especially when he's pooped!
  • flashlight ("fishfish")
  • what it is = what is this?
  • i do i do
  • mikey do
  • mikey bye bye (Mikro is done, or wants to go)
  • my my (short for his name)
  • cheese
  • shoes ("doos")
  • 1, 2, 3, 8, 9! (Apparently, the intervening numbers are irrelevant.)
  • seenay (No idea, but oft repeated, generally when pointing out the window.)
  • dubdub (An old standby, still no parental clue as to what it means.)

Poor guy has a major case of road rash on his face. He was running around outside with Daddy at my Doctor's office the other night, and fell on his face and slid down her driveway. Poor baby. I was NOT happy when I came out into the waiting room and saw the carnage...

If I wasn't so tired, I could actually get some painting in. But I just don't have the energy. NOw I need to decide whether I should try to nap (which means he'll undoubtedly wake up) or just go make myself some caffeinated tea.... Tea it is.